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Dr. Robert Peelul returns briefly from retirement to take a coordinating role at the Dexmuide Immunization Center. “Once we run at full speed, the days will be filled well,” says the former GP.

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Dr. Robert Beloll (73) has been a general practitioner in Dexmuide and surrounding areas for 45 years. He liked his job so much but is now retired. “What I miss most is my patients, but I am not the one looking back. I still want to enjoy the time that was given to me. Once I heard that there would be a vaccination center in Dexmuide, I thought it was clear that I would be of assistance as a former GP.” I was always socially committed. For example, I was the head of the OCMW for a while. Moreover, I have an organizational talent that can be very useful. ”Dr. Wouter Demwenk Van Vladisloe also asked if Dr. Pilolle could help.“ He was a coordinator, but he still had full-time training and thus less time. This is why I took on the job. A total of 15 Diksmuid GP are still working with them. Although we are doing it of our own free will, soon we will receive a small sum for the work and the time we spend on it. “Today I am working from 1.30 pm. About 100 vaccinations will be given in two lines and will take anywhere from two to three hours. Add to this preparations for three hours. In addition, we also have to follow webinars that often take at least two hours, and I’ve already followed five of them, “Dr. Bailey explains. Once we get to work at full capacity, it’s up to a full day’s work. Now we still rely on vaccine delivery. The first day went well here, when we put in 205 vaccinations. It’s interesting to know that we always have a backup list in case people don’t come to get their vaccinations. This list of reserves includes first and foremost primary care and then also people with a medical problem that the GP has reported. There is no favoritism here: everyone else. By the way, we don’t have a lot of people here who don’t get their vaccinations. ”Division of Roles Many other people still work at the center.“ The judges accompany people outside, measure the temperature, take them to the right line, and also supervise the waiting area afterwards. Nurses record medical history, put vaccines on and enter data into a computer. Pharmacists then dilute and prepare the syringes, and are responsible for vaccinations in the refrigerator etc. The supervising physician can be reached via a walkie-talkie throughout the center to provide immediate assistance in urgent cases such as abnormal reaction to the vaccine, loss of consciousness, circulation, etc. “ We must also remember the maintenance crew, who are always ready to clean and disinfect everything. But also kudos to Diksmuide’s technical service, who built the entire center. Finally, I would like to add that one should not be afraid of vaccination, since it is practically painless. During the administration of the second vaccine, one may feel a little bit of the flu. Once we are working at full speed, we will be able to administer up to 100 vaccines per hour. “ (AC)

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