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Two women who work in the same restaurant have discovered that they are sisters. Julia Tenetti (31) and Cassandra Madison (32) were separated once during the adoption procedure. “Usually you only see these kinds of things on TV,” says Tenetti.

Cassandra Madison and Julia Tenetti started at The Russian Lady in New Haven, Connecticut, in 2013. The two immediately became close. They were both adopted, tattooed and raised by single mothers. The women looked a bit alike. They both felt as if they had known each other for quite some time.

Madison got to know the identity of her biological father several years ago. He told her that she has eight other siblings. He admitted that another girl was taken up for adoption when he and his wife were “going through a hard time”. When I met Tenity, the question arose as to whether she might have been her sister more and more.

According to American media, there were errors in Tinetti’s adoption papers that left her unsure of where she came from or whether she had any siblings. That completely changed when the two women took a DNA test. The test showed that they are both biological sisters.

It’s cool, ”says Madison. “Usually you only see these kinds of things on TV,” Tenetti says. “Very special. Especially since we were already friends. That means everything to me.”

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