Cabinet Scattering Municipal Speakers

The benefits of promoting health, sports, exercise, cultural participation, and strengthening the social base are grouped into one specific benefit. The Department of Health, Welfare and Sports expects “more decisiveness and energy for prevention.”


Ministers Helder and Van Uygen told the municipalities in a letter that they would like to see more coherence between the various components of health policy, sports and exercise and the social base. The ministry is not yet able to determine the amount of funds involved. For now, these are proposals that must be approved by the Senate and the House of Representatives. This is expected to happen after Prinsjesdag. The scheme could then be published before the end of this year.


Initially, the idea is to include dozens of programs in the Specific Benefit (SPUK), including, for example, the broad scheme for specialist officers, local enforcement of sports conventions, reduction of health disparities, treatment of overweight, alcohol prevention and informal care And one against unity.

stimulating exercise

The specific benefit structure is that municipalities can submit an application simultaneously on several topics. With this combined use of a number of benefits in the field of health promotion, sport and exercise stimulation, and the strengthening of cultural participation and social foundation in one specific benefit, ministers hope to give a strong boost at the local level. This should lead to improvements in health in the broad sense, active participation in the culture, sport and training behavior of all residents of the Netherlands, in particular people with health inequalities, sports, sporting disabilities, and people at risk. The ministry then sets expenditure requirements and accountability for specific payments.

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