Germany announces mild easing of stores

There will be some relaxation for German non-essential stores next week. In the UK, retailers have to be patient until April 12th.

Garden Centers

Germany is still in a generally locked state. It will be extended until March 28, but at the same time our eastern neighbors are also introducing a slight relaxation to stores. For example, bookstores, florists and garden centers may reopen their doors from the beginning of next week and the necessary security measures are in place. In Germany, non-essential stores are closed From mid-December, NOS writes.

Different rules apply in some federal states of Germany. For example, in areas with low pollution rates, other non-essential stores may reopen from Monday. The limit is a maximum of 50 infections per 100,000 population.

United Kingdom

Includes British exit plan from lockout 4 phases, Writes D. Standard. In addition, there is a five-week grace period for each step so that its effect can be assessed.

The reopening of non-essential stores is forecast in the second phase, more precisely on April 12th. Hairdressers, fitness centers and amusement parks can resume their activities. Cafes and restaurants will be allowed to serve customers outside again from that day.

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