🎥 Awesome! Boxing icon Tyson Fury takes street polluters hard

World boxing champion Tyson Fury has dealt a devastating blow to stunned garbage collectors in his hometown of Morecambe while promoting FUROCITY Peppermint Energy Gum.

WBC heavyweight champion Fury pulled a hilarious joke to warn people not to throw used chewing gum on the ground during a shoot outside the Arndale Shopping Centre. The trash can with Tyson’s face surprised people in New Town Square when the hero’s own voice came out of the trash can!

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“Oi, catch that!” He shouted as people dumped trash on the ground, then looked around in amazement to see where the warning came from. Concealed in a nearby store, Fury used a microphone to yell at the offenders in the trash not to pollute Morecambe.

Tyson Fury scares tainters with work

People were amazed when the tall hero came out of the store himself encouraging them to use his trash can and handing out his easy-to-use gum and energy drinks! At one point, the “Gypsy King” made a guy do five push-ups for not using the trash can, then rewarded him with a packet of his new Tyson Fury gum!

Fury is joined by his friend and fellow boxer Morecambe ‘The Westgate Warrior’ Isaac Lowe. Tyson waste bins are being installed across the UK in the hope of treating waste gum. It was made to be an exact replica of his face, with a shot of the Morecambe resident hero warning people to stick gum in his head instead of walking around.

The bins are echoed with statements like “Don’t file, throw your gum in the trash!” All recorded by the hero himself. The boxes were launched to celebrate the launch of Fury’s new FUROCITY Peppermint Energy Gum.

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