19 dead in US strikes in Syria

Biden made his statement in Canada after US airstrikes on two bases of pro-Iranian militias killed at least 19 people. These attacks came in response to at least two attacks on Americans in the region.

The first attack, Thursday, targeted an American base near the town of Hasakah. There a drone killed an American and wounded six. The CIA said the drone was Iranian-made. An American was also killed in a second attack on Friday.

US retaliatory strikes on Friday left at least 19 people dead, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. It is a human rights organization based in the United Kingdom. It was the American attacks, he said New York times Carried out, among other things, by two F15s.

Biden spoke on Saturday in Canada, where he was visiting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The president denied that the United States is seeking to escalate the conflict with Iran, but stressed that America “will work hard to protect our people. This is exactly what happened yesterday.”

Biden’s defense secretary, Lloyd Austin III, said something similar Thursday, shortly after the initial attack: “No group will attack our forces with impunity.”

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