These are the new iPhone 15 buttons (iPhone #12 news)

The renewed buttons of the iPhone 15 Pro and all the new functions of the Apple Watch 9. This is the biggest Apple and iPhone news of the week.

Read on after the announcement.

New iPhone 15 Pro photos have been leaked: these are the new buttons

iPhone 15 Pro photos have leaked again. The images show the side of the new iPhone. Earlier there were rumors that the iPhone 15 Pro will get new buttons and now it seems that these rumors have been confirmed.

The new buttons have a new design and a new way to control. Wondering how to turn your iPhone 15 Pro on and off later? We explain how the new buttons work.

New buttons? Tell me more!

Apple Watch Series 9: Will these be the new features?

Rumors about the iPhone 15 come in regularly, but new facts about the Apple Watch Series 9 are still a little behind. This gives the impression that the next Apple Watch will be another small update to the smartwatch.

Still, some upgrades are coming for the Apple Watch Series 9, along with some new features. The big question: What can the new Apple Watch do?

Well, the Apple Watch 9 can do that!

Are you selling an old iPhone? You better not do that

Do you have an old iPhone at home that you want to sell? You better not do that. Last month, an unlocked first-generation iPhone from 2007 was already sold for a significant amount.

It hit again this month, because a “vintage” iPhone from 2007 in factory packaging once again fetched a very high amount. Old iPhones have been making a lot of money lately. It’s time to check if you still have such an old iPhone somewhere!

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Do you have an old iPhone at home?

Get a big discount on iPhone SE and Apple Watch 8

Until March 29, you can take advantage of exotic discounts on many iPhones, Apple Watches and other accessories at Belsimpel. For example, you can now get a cheaper iPhone SE 2022 when you get Ben’s subscription and the iPhone 14 is also on sale.

Still looking for a new iPhone? So you are lucky because I called List the best offers for you. Which Apple product are you still looking for at deep discounts?

You get this much discount!

iOS 16.4 is approaching: These iPhone features are coming

Apple has released several beta versions of iOS 16.4 in recent weeks. Now the RC (Release Candidate) has also been published. After the RC is released, the official release usually takes less than a week.

Now that the RC of iOS 16.4 has come out, we definitely know what new features are in the iOS update.

These features come to your iPhone

Amac’s Spring Deals: Buy iPhone 14 or iPad at a discount now!

It’s time again for Spring Deals at Amac! During the Spring Deals, you get a huge discount when you buy a new one Apple products in Amac. You can also get deep discounts on accessories from Decoded with their Spring Deals.

Still looking for a new iPhone, iPad or MacBook? Then it’s time, because Amac’s Spring Deals are available through April 2nd. Check out the best deals here!

Are you curious about the best spring deals?

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