25,000 farmers in The Hague protest nitrogen policy and climate activists block the motorway

The extreme climate activists of Extinction Rebellion have also called on their supporters to go to The Hague. They intended to occupy the A12 – the important access road – with life and limb. But this was not allowed by the municipality. Police put black screens around the A12. They sent climate activists to Reagan Street and Gorbachev as a protest site.

But climate activists managed to completely block the A12 for two hours. Activists sit in or stick themselves to the asphalt. A12 is currently partially free, and some is still blocked. According to Extinction Rebellion, about 3,000 people blocked the road, and police have yet to report how many activists are involved.

In the afternoon, the municipality announced that climate activists had to clear the road by 5 p.m., or the police would intervene. Shortly after 5pm, the police then used water cannons against the activists who did not want to budge.

This isn’t the first time Extinction Rebellion has staged this type of protest. According to NOS, they have previously banned A12 five times.

Climate activists are calling on the government to stop subsidizing fossil fuels. Not only direct subsidies, but tax benefits are a thorn in the side of activists.

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