3 A morning routine from the areas where many people live up to the age of 100

There are places in the world where a relatively large number of people live up to 100 years of age or more in good health. these areas Called the Blue Zones, Sardinia (Italy), Ikaria (Greece), Okinawa (Japan), and the Nicoya Peninsula (Costa Rica) are among these. the secret? Well, your morning routine plays an important role anyway.

American Dan Buettner researched the habits and routines of people in the blue zones. Buettner calls it that his mission is to share knowledge of people from these areas, especially what exactly they do to live that old age. In this way, he wants to ensure that other people in the rest of the world can also live longer and healthier.

Morning Routines in the Blue Zones (where many people live up to 100 years old)

The morning routine below will start your day and help you live longer — if we’re to believe Dan Buettner and the people in the Blue Zones, of course. Take advantage of it and incorporate it into your morning routine.

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1. A healthy breakfast every day

Intermittent fasting is more common than ever, but don’t underestimate the importance of a healthy breakfast. According to Buettner, a good diet ensures a long, healthy life. His research showed that the tribes of the Blue Zone had in common a good breakfast. Check out these seven healthy breakfasts.

2. Coffee

As far as we’re concerned, that’s the best news of the day: a cup of black coffee is the absolute choice when you’re looking at longevity. Even people in the blue zones drank up to two cups of black coffee per day. Keep in mind that this is black coffee, so don’t throw sugar lumps into your daily comfort cup. Then that cup of coffee may have the opposite effect.

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It is not wise to make a cup of coffee immediately after waking up. In this article you can read what you can do better.

Maximum number of coffee cups per day according to science

3. Find your Ikigai

Have you heard of ikigai? The free translation of the word is “what you enjoy out of bed in the morning”. A person can have multiple Ikigai and your Ikigai can also change over the years. The concept is originally from Japan and focuses on what really makes you happy.

According to people over the age of 100, finding your own Ikigai is important, because having a goal is associated with a longer life. So find your own Ikigai, no matter how young or old you are. Then you have (literally) something to get out of bed for.

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3 A morning routine from the areas where many people live up to the age of 100

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