4 benefits of getting up early

Getting up early: one swears by it, the other is a real nightmare. Tired of thinking about setting the alarm an hour earlier? Shame! Because getting up early can have many benefits – provided you get enough sleep. And to experience these benefits, you really don’t have to get out of bed at 5 in the morning. We give you 4 reasons to get up early.

After snoozing three times, it’s hard to get out of bed, get dressed with a heavy body, and then head out the door with your dull, sleepy head. It can be done differently and the solution is simple. These reasons convince us that getting up early is not a bad thing.

1. More time for yourself

Getting up half an hour early means an extra half hour for yourself. You get a chance to really wake up before you have to rush through daily obligations. This way you can do something in the morning that gives you peace or makes you happy. Think yoga, journaling, reading, or taking a walk. Activities you might not otherwise get around to.

2. You are healthier

Morning people take longer to breakfast and therefore suffer less from snacking during the day. People who get up early eat more fruit and less fast food than people who live in the evening. Thus, the BMI of morning people is lower, according to a study by Americans National Institutes of Health.

3. You are more productive

Need a good cup of coffee in the morning to get you started? If you get up early, the energy will come naturally. A healthy breakfast provides your body with all the nutrients for an energetic start and the rest of the morning ensures peace of mind. Before you show up for work, your brain is already fully operational. That slow start with a big sip of coffee is a thing of the past.

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4. Less pressure

We Dutch are champions in lunging. Every morning a race against time to get out the door in time. You can’t start the day with more stress. Waking up early means less stress. Great, because you can prevent these unexpected complaints of stress. Waking up before the world wakes up ensures peace and quiet. It’s time to think and wake up.

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