4 Best Alternatives to Google Maps in Android Auto

Google Maps is the standard navigation app you’ll find in Android Auto, but there are also many other excellent apps to test in the car. We bring you the four best alternatives to Google Maps that are compatible with Android Auto.

1. Tom Tom Amigo

TomTom has a paid app on the Play Store, but Friend It is the free version. A more abstract version, which still includes the main benefits of TomTom GO including Android Auto support. The app also takes into account traffic and warns of speed cameras and obstacles on the road.

These speed trap warnings in particular are a skill missing from the maps. Moreover, the app can start and close automatically when connected to your car via bluetooth. TomTom promises that it respects users’ privacy and that it does not sell or use data for advertising.

4 Best Alternatives to Google Maps in Android Auto

2. Sygic

sygic It is one of the most popular free navigation apps and comes with a number of assets in Android Auto. The application provides support for Offline Maps It contains a very large database of addresses. This application hides a number of important functions behind the paywall system. Think traffic information, information about portable speed cameras, voice instructions, and speed warnings. Many of these features can be found for free in Maps.

Fortunately, the annual subscription is not very expensive, as it costs 19.99 euros. You will then receive jobs in return that cannot be found in Navigating Maps. These include 3D maps, lane assistance, and integration of current fuel prices.

4 Best Alternatives to Google Maps in Android Auto

3. Waze

This will not be unknown to many and wizz It is also part of the Google family. Although the app has been criticized since the acquisition of Google Very little has been improvedWaze is still an interesting app.

Waze’s main feature is the large community that reports on speed traps, road works, and obstacles on the road, among other things. The app also takes into account the traffic on your route, but you can also use the app offline. You can operate Waze smoothly via voice control. Received another application in September last year Beautiful makeover in Android Auto.

Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic & Live Navigation

4 Best Alternatives to Google Maps in Android Auto

4. Gaia GPS

If you are looking for the good allround As an alternative to maps, you will definitely find what you are looking for with the first three applications. GPS It is also a recommendation for the more adventurous spirits. If you have a 4×4 that you’d like to take off-road, Gaia will find GPS routes via topographic maps that other navigation apps don’t show. The app works with voice guidance and Works since last year With Android Auto.

Gaia GPS (topographic)

Gaia GPS (topographic)

Gaia is a popular outdoor navigation app that mainly offers off-road routes. The app provides routes for hikers, mountain climbers, cyclists, and more. ..

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4 Best Alternatives to Google Maps in Android Auto

Do you use any other navigation app as an alternative to Android Auto? Maybe you have good or less good experiences with one of the above apps? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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