43 percent of PCs are not compatible with Windows 11

43 percent of Windows devices are still not compatible with Windows 11. Only 2.6 percent of devices are running the operating system.

Lansweeper’s research, with a sample of about 30 million devices, showed that 43 percent of Microsoft devices are still not compatible with Windows 11. The operating system is now a year old. Even more surprising is that out of those 30 million devices, only 2.6 percent of the devices are actively running the new operating system. Also, 4.8 percent still runs on operating systems that are no longer supported, such as Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

Windows 11 high system requirements remain an issue

The lack of compatible devices and the low percentage of Windows 11 users are partly due to Microsoft System Requirements. The vast majority of devices tested by Lansweeper meet the RAM requirements: 92.9 percent have at least 4 GB. But in terms of CPU requirements, only 57.3 percent have a compatible processor.

When Windows 11 was released, it initially seemed impossible to upgrade if your hardware did not meet the system requirements. In the meantime, there is a possibility It is still upgradable Through turns, but that doesn’t help Microsoft. In this case you will see a watermark on your screen and you will no longer receive automatic updates.

Users don’t seem to be inclined to switch anyway. In the past six months, the rate of use of the new operating system has increased by only 1.2 percent. Meanwhile, Windows 11 already uses more than Windows XP (1.3% usage rate) and Windows 8 (1.5%). But even though support has ended, Windows 7 is still undefeated by Windows 11, still using Windows 7 at 3.4 percent. The majority, 81.9 percent, only stick to Windows 10.

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