Ukrainians hunt cooperators: “We hunt them and shoot them like pigs”

As the Ukrainian army reoccupies the territories occupied by Russia, the Ukrainian intelligence services target collaborators. Citizens who betrayed their neighbors to the Russians. “We are chasing them and shooting them like pigs,” said a senior government adviser.

When the Russians captured the eastern Ukrainian city of Balaklia, they turned the central police station into a base for atrocities. During the six months of occupation, dozens of residents were locked up in overcrowded basement cells. Survivors said they were dragged into a torture room, where they were beaten, electrocuted, and forced to undergo mock executions.

According to the documents found after the city was retaken last month, the interrogations were conducted by officials of the FSB, the Russian security service, but the interrogations were carried out with the help of local “front men”. Like Oleg Kalaida for example. The man, the former head of security at a poultry farm, agreed to work as a partner in the Kremlin and positioned himself as police chief during the occupation.

The story of Kalaida, who has since been arrested, is not an isolated case. Hoping for power, money or prestige, many Ukrainians have been playing in co-op with the Russians in recent months, and it has become painfully clear. Kyiv has already opened investigations into more than 1,300 alleged traitors and started 450 trials against collaborators.


However, not everyone is subject to legal prosecution. Some Ukrainian fighters are being tracked down and massacred. There have already been 29 “revenge killings” and 13 other attempted murders. “The hunt for collaborators has been declared, and their lives are not protected by law,” said government adviser Anton Gerashchenko. Our intelligence services kill them and shoot them like pigs. losers. “

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