‘Potential human or technical errors’ ever committed …

Has a container ship ever stuck in the Suez Canal due to the weather? According to the CEO of the canal operator, the Suez Canal Authority, “there might be human or technical errors.”

“Strong wind storms and meteorological forecasts were not the only main reasons for the ship’s derailment,” said Major General Osama Rabie, at the Securities and Commodities Authority. Other errors, human or technical, may have played a role.

However, according to Taiwanese shipping company Evergreen, the ship was derailed Tuesday morning due to a strong side storm. Then the ship veered off the sailing path and the hull collided with the bottom. This giant, 400 meters long, 60 meters wide and about 16 meters deep, began to rotate and dig in both banks.

The Ever Geffen, more than 200,000 tons in length and 400 meters in length, ran aground in the Suez Canal on Tuesday. Consequently, the canal, which is the main trade route between Europe and Asia, is completely closed. At the end of this week, new attempts are being made to take off the ship again and open the canal.

Osama Rabih could not predict when the ship would be freed. Strong wind and current complicate the liberation process.

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