4Gamers – A PS5 turned into junk hurts the eyes, ears and heart

Thursday means a throwback Thursday here and there, but at 4Gamers we make it 'out of the old box' and from now on every Thursday we look at interesting or eye-catching gaming news from the past. Today's round: The PS5 that was turned into a pile of scrap shortly after its launch.

The news dates back to the end of 2020. The PS5 had just launched and there was a major shortage, making it difficult to get a copy. So it was very painful for fans to see someone throw a new PS5 into the shredder.

Of course, the console turned into a pile of scrap, but why? Supposedly it's a matter of getting attention online and “anything for views”. However, the images are still painful today, not only to the hearts of players but also to the eyes and ears.

At the time, we compared the sound of a PS5 wilting to the sound of that hard plastic package containing marrow bones when you try to put it in your trash bag, a comparison that still holds up many years later.

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