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Surfing the internet without serving ads is almost impossible anymore. Unless, of course, you have enabled an ad blocker to clear ads from the website. Google Chrome on Android does not offer an ad blocker. Microsoft Edge does the following: Below we explain how to enable it step by step.

Adblocker on your phone

Desktopbrowsers as well as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge And Mozilla Firefox both offer their own extensions to block ads on websites. Viewing browsers with mobile ad blockers is minimal. Chromium mobile versions do not support extensions. Therefore, Chromium Browser can only be used with an ad blocker if the developer has provided the ad blocker himself and has included it in the browser settings. Microsoft Edge has already included this functionality; Microsoft worked with German AdBlock Plus for this.

By the way, Edge isn’t the only Chromium browser that has an ad blocker. Vivaldi, Brave, and Opera are well-known competitors to Edge that each have a built-in ad blocker. If you don’t like Chromium, you can also use Firefox and install an ad blocker on it. Firefox allows you to choose from a number – albeit limited – of extensions.

What does an ad blocker do?

Coming back to the edge, we’ll get to that in a bit. First some important information about using ad blockers. So they are working to stop the ads. However, sometimes the ad won’t turn off. This could have several reasons.

The first is the Alliance for Better Advertising. Within this international alliance, what constitutes an acceptable declaration has been determined. Ads that fall within the specified specifications can be shown. Additionally, websites will try to bypass blocking tools so that you lose less revenue. Even with that, even with an ad blocker, you can still encounter ads on websites.

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Ad blockers can also block trackers. This means that websites are no longer able to track your online behavior after you visit their website. Thus, ad blockers will also contribute to maintaining your privacy on the Internet.

Enable it in Microsoft Edge

Are you using Microsoft Edge on Android, or would you like to switch to the browser? Then definitely follow the steps below to be able to surf the internet without ads or trackers. The steps below first discuss how to enable the ad blocker. Then we explain the other settings for AdBlock Plus for Edge.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge on Android
  2. Click below three points
  3. Choose Institutions in the top bar
  4. then press PRIVACY AND SECURITY
  5. Choose under protection Option block ads
  6. Finally put a file Transformation At the back block ads

Adblock Plus will now automatically block ads on the website. This can sometimes have a negative effect, unfortunately. Some websites block visitors with an ad blocker. Fortunately, you can solve this via Adblock Plus settings. To do this, stick to step 6 and click Exceptions at the bottom. There you can enter the websites where you do not want to block ads.

Another setting that Adblock Plus offers is acceptable ads. My advice is not to use the option. This blocks jobs on various useful websites. The Google Shopping bar at the top of the Google search is an example. Do you want to stop seeing ads while browsing? Then turn off the Allow acceptable ads option.

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