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Max Verstappen
Photo: Red Bull Racing

Max Verstappen took pole position for the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort. Verstappen was a handful of a thousand faster than Lewis Hamilton, thus creating a lively atmosphere at Zandvoort.

After 36 years of absence, the Formula 1 Qualifiers will take place for the first time at the Zandvoort circuit which provided great images not only on the track but also in the stands.

Especially when Max Verstappen came out of the passenger lane, there was a deafening noise from the stands, Verstappen was literally pushing the crowd forward.

Surprisingly, at the end of the first quarter, we found both Ferraris at the top. Sebastian Vettel was on a fast lap but just before the last turn he narrowly avoided a severe collision with both Haas Formula 1 cars.

Sergio Perez had a surprising pull, not cutting over sixteen as he crossed the finish line too late to start another fast lap.

In the second quarter we saw Max Verstappen on the right track early and set a very fast time. The Dutchman immediately put a heavy pressure on the competition.

With a good three minutes left on the clock, we also received a red flag in Q2, which continued on the “red thread”. After all, every session so far in Zandvoort has been interrupted with a red flag. This time it was George Russell, the young Briton lost control of his car and slid into the tire wall.

When Q2 was resumed then it quickly became “Code Red” again. After all, we got a new red flag because the second Williams also went off the track. Nicholas Latifi hit the Tecpro hurdles hard but managed to get out of the car by himself. Because of the crash, Q2 ended immediately.

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Verstappen, like the other drivers, had to wait until Q3 to finally start, and the Dutchman was of course the favorite to take the top spot.

When Q3 started, Max Verstappen immediately took to the track and immediately set a great time on the tables with 1:08.923. Valtteri Bottas was stranded by about three-tenths and Lewis Hamilton had to settle for third.

Of course there was a second last try but who will keep Max Verstappen from number one?

Nobody, because during the second fast race Max Verstappen was a few milliseconds faster, which was necessary because Lewis Hamilton ended up stranded in 38 Verstappen. Verstappen and Hamilton on the front row of the grid during the Dutch Grand Prix.More F1 news:

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