4Gamers – Guide | How do you get the Mystery Clothes in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

One of the most unique sets of armor in the world The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears Do mystical clothes. This stylish armor set is inspired by the legendary Satori, the horse-like creature found at the top of Satori Mountain and new Cherry Blossom locations.

How to get the Mystic Clothing Armor Set?

It may take some time to get the Mystic Apparel Set. about the mystic robes To get it, you have to do Bubble gems Collecting. Those are the shiny crystals left over from a defeat bubbles. These glowing white frogs can be found in caves dotted across Hyrule. Bubbulfrogs only drop one crystal each, which means players will have to dig into caves a lot if they want to find enough to fill their stash with Bubbul Gems. Once you find enough Bubbul Gems, you should ColtinKelton’s brother.

It can be hard to track down coltine in kingdom tears. Koltin can be found first behind Woodland is stable, you should see a giant multicolored balloon in the distance. Just run to this location and talk to each of the NPCs. Here, Koltin will explain his ambition to transform into a Satori, the legendary horse-like creature found atop Satori Mountain. Koltin will task players with hunting down the Bubbul Gems, which he will exchange for a variety of rewards – the main one being Mystic Robes.

Koltin will be distributing individual pieces of The Mystic Robes. You must purchase each item in order to deliver the complete set. It is important to note that Koltin will be leaving Woodland Stables before you can purchase the full Mystic Robe armor set. Then you have to go to HebraThe area where it is east Snowfield stable It can be found. You can also go to Tare Town in the area Eat Go talk to Kelton, who will give you information about the current whereabouts of Coltine.

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