Dutch police are looking for a woman who called the emergency number 112 1400 times in two months | outside

Police in the Dutch village of Velp are looking for an unknown woman who has called 112 unnecessarily 1,400 times over the past two months, according to “Omroep Gelderland”. The woman’s whereabouts remain unknown, but police assume she is looking for someone staying in a residential nursing home.

Police were able to determine that the calls came from the vicinity of the De Ulenpas residential care center in Korte Wal, but it is not yet clear if the caller actually lives here. According to the broadcaster, the residential care center has 234 apartments. The police had already spoken to a number of residents, but the unknown woman had yet to be found.

Local police officer Bart Bosman says the police do not intend to knock on every door. “Lots of front doors,” he says. In addition, Bousman says calls can also come from around the apartment complex. “So our investigation is broader and we can’t just look at all cell phones, there are rules for that,” the police officer told the broadcaster. “This makes it much more difficult to find the caller.”

“I know everyone here.”

According to Bosman, the numerous calls have not caused any problems on the helpline so far. “112 can still be reached, but the caller is occupying a line, which means someone else is on hold. That, of course, is annoying in an emergency situation.”

The director of the residential care center finds it unlikely that it is someone from De Ulenpas. “I know everyone here.” He hopes the caller will be found soon. “These front door visits are not fun, because the old people immediately think they are suspects, which causes a lot of turmoil.”

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Adults can be fined or jailed for misusing the emergency number. “This is the person who needs help,” said Community Police officer Boseman.

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