Does the gene in this type of mice guarantee monogamy?

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While many species of mice live somewhat promiscuous lifestyles, there is one small mouse found in Florida and Georgia in the United States that is surprisingly monogamous.

In the larger and more common deer mouse, young deer mice can have up to four different fathers, but the smaller deer mouse Old field The mouse has a partner for life. This is special, because the animals are very similar in build and genetics.

The researchers decided to compare some of the glands that produce substances that influence behavior. There they saw an amazing difference. After correcting for body weight, these glands were six times heavier in the monogamous mice.

After genetic analysis, it turned out that one gene was more active in these mice. The gene that controls hormone production is relatively unknown. This hormone was also discovered in humans some time ago, but it was not known for a long time what it does.

In follow-up experiments, they observed that more of the hormone led to increased caring behavior in the parents of both types of mice. There must be a commitment to monogamy.

Researchers hope that more research on this hormone in humans will now be conducted. In this way, for example, people suffering from postpartum depression can be better helped.

Read more about the research here: Some mice may owe their monogamy to a newly developed cell type

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