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League of Legends is not the simplest game for newcomers. Three lanes, a forest, and five different roles ensure that you can no longer see the forest from behind the trees, let alone know which hero you will be playing. There are actually over 140 and it can get frustrating. That’s why we’ve put together a short list of the best heroes for beginners for each role.

Top lane

Our pick stands out in the top lane Renekton. This crocodile excels at the start of the game and its stats are just right for that. Beginners will find a hero who can keep their health relatively high with their sustain and can quickly deal a lot of damage.

In addition, Renekton is also very versatile. This way you can fully focus on damage to jump on weaker weapons and eliminate sources of damage from the enemy team. However, you can also go the riskier route with Goredrinker and Black Cleaver, for example.

It’s not all roses and the moon, of course. Renekton can quickly be turned into a simple damage dealing sponge and stun bot as we move towards the end of the match and can’t build a strong lead.

In short, Renekton is a good choice for new players to learn how to trade and discover when you can play aggressively.

the forest

Our choice emerged in the woods Amumu. It is relatively easy to get started with this emotional mummy. He has an easy combo with Q (bandage toss) with W, Ultimate, and E.

guide |  The best League of Legends champions for beginners

The great thing about Amumu is that he has a great deal of skill and can always be relevant throughout the game thanks to the utility in his deck. Although we always advise you to build as tanky as possible – especially at the beginning and at a low level – you can always add some AP, for example, by purchasing Rabadon’s Deathcap instead of the Sunfire Cape.

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However, we should mention that compared to other heroes in the jungle, such as Graves or Lillia, Amumu has a slightly slower speed, which means that he can eliminate camps in the jungle at a lower speed. You should also make sure that you are actively searching for gangs, otherwise you will not use Amumu’s strengths optimally.

Middle of the corridor

to that I We’re going for a mid lane classic. When it comes to combos, Annie is pretty self-explanatory and can even forgive her shield if you do poorly in the lane.

guide |  The best League of Legends champions for beginners

In her fourth ability, she gets a shock with her basic ability, which you can incorporate into your party. Perfect for combining with your Ultimate for a big AOE shock or your Q to stun a single target. A well-placed combo can absolutely blow away squishy targets. With this Q, you can also recover your mana if you were able to hit it last time, which can make farming and its lane phase a little easier.

What you need to pay attention to is mobility. Annie is completely reliant on her Flash, as are many witches, so be very careful when Flash is on cooldown. Especially since Annie doesn’t have much stamina and stay the course without her armor. So always be aware of your surroundings, which can always be a good lesson as a beginner player.

Bone hot

Ash It is always a good choice for beginners. Thanks to her large range, you can attack and land a final blow from a farther distance than many other heroes, which can make trades and the lane phase safer. Ashe’s abilities, such as Ultimate, Volley, or Hawk Shot, also have a wide range. This allows Ashe to play more conservatively, play well, and check the brushes when necessary.

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guide |  The best League of Legends champions for beginners

Her abilities also have a slow effect, which can make life easier for your teammates. Ashe can also provide vision with Hawk Shot, allowing you to check out important targets from a distance. However, many of her abilities are skill shots, so of course it’s important that you use them at the right times.

Ashe’s drawback remains her mobility, unlike other lane autos like Ezreal, so only use your Flash in important moments and be very careful when it’s on cooldown. Also use this to your advantage by learning from your mistakes when you find yourself in a bad situation.


Finally, we still have it Blitzkrieg In a support role. Blitzcrank is a self-explanatory hero that mainly works around his Q, a grappling hook that can pull an opponent towards him. This is one of the most powerful abilities in the game and can decide a match when executed correctly. Of course, make sure you’re pulling the high-damage squishy targets toward you, not the opponent’s tank.

guide |  The best League of Legends champions for beginners

Blitzcrank puts a lot of pressure on the opponent due to his presence, which you can use to your advantage in the lane and later when defending objectives. This bot also matches very well with many different automated arcades, as you have a lot of control over how the arcade flows if you play it right.

Blitzcrank still relies heavily on his Q and when on cooldown, he brings much less presence. So save your question for the appropriate moments. Of course, it’s still a skill shot, so practice makes perfect.


That was five starter heroes, one for each role. Please leave your own tips in the comments to help novice League of Legends players get started.

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