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In 2022, SEGA has — once again — created a bunch of different Sonic games, meticulously remastered for modern consoles with a few small additions here and there. This set was received moderately positively, but that didn’t stop SEGA from putting out Sonic Origins Plus, which expands the range of games.

Sonic Origins Plus is basically a collection of all the extra content that has been released since the release of Sonic Origins, plus the twelve that have appeared on Game Gear and for the first time you will also be able to play as Amy in the different games.

You should also know that no work has actually been done on the Game Gear titles. You no longer get the twelve games as they appeared on the SEGA handheld. Plus, some of these games are also just ports of the games that came out on the Mega Drive, so you actually get a kind of double content. Also, the games are very old and only the biggest Sonic fans will enjoy them. On top of those extra games and Amy, you’ll also get loads of music tracks.

The original Sonic Origins included remasters of Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD, as well as some special missions and the option to do a Boss Rush, all in beautifully remastered graphics for modern consoles.

Review |  Sonic Origins Plus adds a little more at the same time

Outside of Amy Rose and maybe the music tracks, this Plus version of Sonic Origins doesn’t really add up. Yes, in theory you’d get a dozen additional games in addition to the four hardware optimized, but like we said before, this is something only for the biggest Sonic fans. Especially thanks to the beautiful physical version of the game.

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