5 expected updates for iPad Pro 2021

Next Tuesday, Apple will release new products during the “Spring Load” event. The most exciting advertisement? Maybe this is the iPad Pro 2021. In this article, you can read about the upcoming iPad Pro 2021 innovations.

1. Mini ice

For the first time since the launch of the first iPad in 2010, Apple launched the iPad with a different screen technology. The familiar LCD screen gives way to a tiny LED flashlight on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2021 – the successor to the LCD. The 11-inch iPad Pro still has an LCD screen.

With mini-LED, tiny LEDs are placed behind the pixels. Because LEDs can be individually dimmed, they provide many of the same benefits as OLED. These include better contrasts, higher brightness and deeper blacks. Mini LEDs are also more energy efficient than liquid crystal displays.

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2. A14X

IPad Pro 2021 has a lot of power. Most likely, the tablet is equipped with the A14 Bionic chip, which is supposed to call the Apple A14X. According to Apple restaurant Mark Gorman The processor compares well to the incredibly powerful M1 chip, found in the latest MacBook Pro. This is promising.

3. Thunderbolt 3

The new iPad Pro 2021 will likely have the same Thunderbolt (USB 4) connectivity as the latest MacBooks with an Apple processor. This does not require a new charging cable, but it has several advantages over the existing USB-C connection.

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Transfer data faster, for example, but there are also more options for connecting a monitor, hard drive, and other peripherals. In short: the iPad Pro will be a more serious alternative to the MacBook.

4. Apple Pencil 3

There are rumors that Apple is developing a third generation Apple Pencil. It likely works with iPad Pro 2021. Leaked images have revealed that the new stylus is very similar to the current version, but the tip is much larger.

Undoubtedly, the resolution is a little higher, which makes drawing and writing more fun. The Apple Pencil 3 may also support new functions, but nothing is known about it yet.

5. The first fifth generation iPad

IPhone 12 models were the first iPhones to feature 5G technology. The iPad Pro 2021 will likely be the first iPad that can handle the new network. According to rumors, the tablet will also get the fastest form of 5G: mmWave.

An iPad with mmWave is of no use to you at the moment, but that will change from next year. In 2022, the extremely high frequencies required for mmWave waves will be auctioned step by step in the Netherlands.

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