Queen Elizabeth II for many years

Queen Elizabeth was not alone Queen of the United Kingdom, But one thing Impressive woman Itself. Now she is this month old 95 years Knocking, it comes Walk in memory lane correct time.

The life of the Queen

Then the former Princess Elizabeth Born on 21 April 1926, Her future is not predetermined Queen of the United Kingdom. She had one since childhood Government Life. So she got used to it Sister Margaret She spent most of her time at home and in it Buckingham Palace. When Elizabeth’s father became king in 1936, it was slowly becoming clear that Elizabeth was going to be queen. It happened; Then King George VI Died in 1952, became Elizabeth, 27 The crowned queen In 1953. Let’s do some math: Queen Elizabeth already exists 67 years Queen of the United Kingdom.

Famous Queen Elizabeth

Not only has Queen Elizabeth been a good queen for many years (thanks in part to the support of her faithful Prince Philip), she is very encouraging. She can be painted in colorful coats and matching classic hats, however her wardrobe is constantly changing. However, it makes little difference to those who live in the UK, especially with his loving and handsome personality, who has conquered the country for many years.

Look up to walk through Queen Elizabeth’s memory lane for many years.

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