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Last week I felt like having a milkshake during a city trip to London. After receiving it, a friend casually remarked that my milkshake had 800 calories. How I normally would seriously enjoy a milkshake, now I wanted to throw it up with every sip. The same goes for dinner the next day. On the menu was a delicious Caesar salad. You can choose to have chicken with it or not, and of course I love it. Until I saw that by adding the chicken, the salad went from 1200 calories to 1600 calories. In the end I enjoyed the Caesar salad (without the chicken) a lot less than I usually do.


It’s been my experience that this calorie law makes you watch what you order more carefully. But focusing only on calories won’t make you eat healthy right away. Nutritionist Jenna Hope tells Woman and Home that healthy fats, for example, have more calories per gram than sugar. Hope also says the law will be a trigger for those who have a bad relationship with food. For example, this applies to people with an eating disorder or eating disorder.

Also, restaurants are not obliged to mention other nutritional values ​​in foods. A food that is high in calories may actually be more nutritious than another food that is low in calories. Perhaps if the idea is to make people make more informed choices about food, it would be good to mention other nutritional values ​​as well.

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Sun Queen says animal fat is essential for health, and counting calories isn’t enough.

Kyle believes the calories on the menu are good.

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