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A nightclub in the Australian city of Sydney has decided to ban “open stares without permission” in a bid to curb sexual harassment. “As a nightclub, we encourage people to get to know others, but every action must begin with verbal consent,” says Club 77. The disco wants to be a “safe place for everyone”. However, opinions about the remarkable scale are divided.

With the ban, the nightclub, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, hopes to make clear that there is zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior. Revelers should respect the personal space of other attendees, as well as the DJ’s space, and not “stare” at others. The exact difference between “stare” and “eye contact” has not been clarified.

Security guards in pink jackets will make sure to follow the rules and will assist attendees who feel uncomfortable or receive unwanted attention.

“If we receive complaints about a particular person, they will have to leave the club immediately and we will inform the police,” the new rules read. “We are grateful that cases of sexual harassment are rare, but we believe one incident is one too many,” he added.

Pros and Cons

The measure sparked a heated debate on social media between supporters and opponents. “Thank you for caring about your people” and “This is not excessive, but responsible. It is a good decision by Club 77 to confront people who are behaving inappropriately.” However, not everyone likes the norm. “Does everyone have to look at the ground now?” Opponents replied: “What a joke, staring is part of normal human interaction.”

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Some relationship experts are also likely to see flaws. “If you’re not allowed to look at someone from across the room to let that person know you’re interested, that means you have to go straight to them and violate their personal space. This may seem a bit straightforward,” confirms British therapist Melissa Ferrari in The Daily Telegraph. .

Club owner Dane Gorrel defends the decision and makes it clear that no one will be expelled from the disco for looking at someone else. “Our goal is to educate people about safety and responsible behavior,” he says. We are currently dealing with an unprecedented number of young people who have never been out before. “Everyone has the right to feel safe,” Gurel said.

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