Prince Harry appeared during the trial of the publisher of the ‘Daily Mail’

A case against the publisher of the British tabloid ‘Daily Mail’ has attracted lawyers such as Prince Harry and Elton John to court.

How important does he think the trial against British newspaper group Associated Newspapers Ltd (ANL) is? Britain’s Prince Harry made an unexpected appearance in London on Monday. The Duke of Sussex, who flew in specially from his native California for the hearing, smiled as he passed reporters gathered outside the courthouse but did not answer questions. He sat actively in the courtroom taking notes.

Prince Harry arrives at court in London.

Elton John

Elton John and his husband David Furnish and actress Sadie Frost have appeared in court in a joint lawsuit against ANL, the publisher of British tabloids. Daily Mail And Sunday Mail.

Actress Liz Hurley, Clarendon politician and activist Doreen Lawrence and ex-politician Simon Hughes are also among the seven-strong group of celebrities taking ANL to court.

Together, they allege that their newspapers’ media group illegally collected information about them and violated their privacy. For example, according to prosecutors, ANL journalists threatened people with access to medical records, bribed police officers and hired private investigators to install wiretapping devices. ANL calls the allegations defamatory and believes there is ‘no credible evidence’.

Human rights

A panel of seven prosecutors indicted 73 journalists and ANL leaders they believe contributed to wiretapping and privacy violations over the past decades.

ANL’s lawyers asked to be guaranteed anonymity, invoking the Human Rights Act to do so. According to them, anonymity is necessary to guarantee a fair trial. The judge followed suit. Ironically, the Daily Mail Very critical of the law.

The first hearing in the case began on Monday. The trial will last for four days. A judge will decide whether to proceed with the case.

One more case

In 2021, Harry accepted another compensation from newspaper group ANL. He then went to court Sunday Mail And Online email He had published an article saying that he had abdicated from the royal post and turned his back on the British Navy. The newspaper group offered to publish compensation and an apology. Harry walked into it.

Harry is also suing ANL over his security in the United Kingdom. It is an article Mail on Sunday Released in February 2022, the royal step may not be correct.

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