5 questions about roaming abroad

What is the most important update to the existing roaming rules?

The existing restriction will be extended to 10 years. Be you Nowhere in the EU So call and browse Same rates as in BelgiumThanks to the new rules coming into effect from July 1, you can enjoy the same quality and speed as locally. So if you use 4G browsing carelessly in Belgium you will not suddenly get 3G connection anywhere else in EU. Henceforth, operators will Inform customers about the quality of service Expect them when roaming in another country.

If you want to know all the details about roaming or the difference in international calls, see our roaming file here.

Our file on roaming abroad

Will I be better protected if I use my smartphone during the holidays?

Yes. Operators are obliged to inform you better about this from July 1st Possible additional costs To call special numbers. For example, there are Customer service You can call Belgium at no extra charge, but overseas you can pay extra. This rule minimizes the risk of an astronomically high bill.

Assume that your smartphone connects to the network while you are there On a boat or on a plane Located, and then have that link Stopped automatically When your mobile bill reaches a predetermined limit. Such networks have even higher costs, which means that your mobile phone bill will be added quickly.

What else should I focus on when traveling within the EU?

The rules apply Not for all European countriesIt is good to be careful in your mobile data traffic in Switzerland. Switzerland does not belong to the European Union and is not part of the Rome Like at Home Regulation. The rates are significant. With Telenet / Base you pay € 3 per MB, twice as much in orange (€ 6 per MB) and up to € 14.52 per MP with Proximus. So do not forget to turn off your mobile internet if you continue Switzerland Is traveling. Other countries that do not fall within the rules of Rome Like at Home are also small European member states Monaco, San Marino, Andorra and some islands

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Do I have to pay for roaming in the UK due to Brexit?

Not soon. Since Brexit, Belgian telecommunications operators have added the United Kingdom to the list of non-EU countries, but the Rome Like at Home rules also apply. They Annual assessment Will they continue to use this in the UK. Before 2022, they have already confirmed to us that Belgians can use their mobile subscriptions there as usual in Belgium.

What do reduced wholesale prices mean for my wallet?

As consumers we do not immediately realize these revised wholesale prices in our wallet. As the wholesale fees that operators pay to each other are reduced, one can expect national operators to make more profits to increase competition in their own country. In the long run, this may mean falling prices in our own country, so our wallets will be a little higher.

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