Richard Bay – Manchester United in Champions League Decider

Manchester United know they are on the verge of a place in the last-16 Champions League Tuesday night R.P. Before the trip facing Leipzig.

Ole Gunner Soulscares Go to the final Group H match on points with the German side and Paris Saint-Germain and qualify for the knockout stages until they avoid defeat.

United It will boost confidence by beating Leipzig 5-0, the last time they met.

According to initial team news, Anthony Marshall and Edinson Cavani did not travel to Germany, but both David de Gea and Luke Shaw are at odds in playing.

Here’s how our writers think United should stand in line.

Manchester United return from a 3-1 defeat to PSG by West Ham at London Stadium.

That means United have won their last nine away league games and will face RB in the Champions League on Tuesday. Leipzig have not tasted defeat on the road in the league since January ahead of the tour.

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Rich Bay

In two massive matches this week, Soulscare R.P. Must stick with credible players against Leipzig, meaning De Gea is set to retrieve the goal.

Switching to the back three puts a lot of pressure against a team, with Shaw considering the safer option as an extra center-back, until he is considered a perfect fit.

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An insecure but effective in-depth combination with Matic and McDomine first in midfield, both Bokba and Van de Peek should be able to change the game from the bench.

Rashford and Greenwood are the only real options with James in the lead role to run in Leipzig defense if needed.

The team of the rich

Select your United page to face Leipzig using the selector below

Tyrone Marshall

The absence of Marshall and Cavani may force Soulscare to make a creative transition. He could play Mata on the right, but it would reduce his options for changing the bench game, so it would be safer to use 3-5-2, which was very successful at PSG.

It’s a small call on target, but De Gea’s experience could knock Henderson out overnight, and the pressure is significant. A back three with Shaw on the left works better, but it’s a big question for him to come out for a month and come back here, so Tuanzeb can partner with Maguire and Lindelof, and get extra bonuses with his speed.

Van-Pisaga and Dallas’ transparent wing-backs and McDomine and Matic can provide extra protection in midfield. It is very dangerous to play the deep role of Bokba or Van de Peek when Leipzig is likely to come to United.

This leaves out the obvious attack options. Fernandez should pull the strings in his advanced role, with Rashford and Greenwood leading the way after their goals over the weekend.

Tyrone’s team

Don Murphy

United simply could not make a bad start as they did against West Ham over the weekend because Leipzig ‘s best attack could certainly punish them more than the Hammers – so Shaw’s arrival could not have been more timely. Soulschair could now line up the back-three to secure the back-line.

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United have got some of their best results against the big pages using the build, and it is more relevant to the match as they are Leipzig invaders, and looking for victory as they need three points, allowing United to sit deep, absorb the pressure and then hit back at the counter.

Dan’s team

With Fred, Cavani and Marshall all refused to let opener XI choose himself, the only controversial spot in the midfield to be allied with McDomini.

It would be an incredibly dangerous call, but I would go to Pokmon. The Frenchman was revived following his shocking strike at London Stadium, and the game will be the perfect opportunity to deliver an important platform and prove he still deserves a place.

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