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Jamie Carragher was “blunted” by Arsenal’s tactical goalless draw at Tottenham 2-0 on Sunday.

The Gunners held nearly 70 per cent possession at Tottenham Hotspur, but found no meaningful response to the first goals split by Hung-Min Son and Harry Kane, who finished 15th in the Premier League table with just one win in seven games. .

Michael Arteta defended Arsenal’s performance after the game, insisting that his players had done “absolutely everything” he was asked to do, and that the defeat ended badly.

“I couldn’t believe that interview,” Karagar said. “I couldn’t believe some of the things I heard after the game and some of the things I read this morning.

“Arsenal did not play well. Arsenal were bad from the first minute, defensive and had the ball.

“You have played well because you have this idea – I get confused when I hear it.

“They never got a chance in a game that someone should have scored. I’ve seen a Mourinho quote that says possession to poets or philosophers. If there’s nothing to possession he’s totally spot-on.”

Carragher felt Arsenal play into Mourinho’s hands by throwing several bodies forward in the attack Sky Sports Pandit to question how Arteta prepared his page for the game.


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“I thought tactically, Arsenal are a bad guy, very poor,” he said.

“I could not believe it, it was so disgusting to watch, it happened so often in Mourinho’s management career. Even though you have only seen Tottenham this season, you know what they ‘re going to do.

“It’s almost like this Arsenal team and Michael Arteta was brought to this game from the moon. They do not know who Mourinho is and have never seen Tottenham play.

“I was confused, some of the things I saw and heard after the game, I thought they were so bad.”

Carragher found that it was very difficult to understand Arsenal’s attitude in previous big games under Arteta.

Last season’s victories over Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea saw the Spaniards sit deep, soaking up the pressure and seizing their chances in the counter-attack.

However, against Spurs, they were thwarted in the same way.

According to Rob Holding (R), Arsenal's bad start to the season & # 39;  Disappointing & # 39;  It put them in 15th place after losing to Spurs
For having a son, Rob Holding and Hyung-min

“The biggest disappointment for me was that I loved him when Arteta first came on – I still love him – because he went to great games last season, and when he was against better teams than he was, he changed his mind,” Carraker said.

“He is from Barcelona and he worked [Pep] Cardiola. We know what his idea is. But he changed that a few times last season.

“Against Liverpool, they won 2-1 last season. They had three shots, they faced 24, possession was 31 per cent, but they won the game. For me, tactically awesome.

“If I ask anyone in this country, who is the manager of the team that got those results [against Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United] You would say Jose Mourinho.

“I can’t believe why Arsenal didn’t do that on Sunday. They are top of the league in Tottenham, and when they were 14, they were away from home in a derby game.

Arsenal have averaged just 37% of previous wins at Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United.
Arsenal have averaged just 37% of previous wins at Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United.

“They’re better than you. Go there and do the same. Work a Mourinho on him. You may still lose the game, it may happen, but don’t be too naive to play that way.”

Carragher was left confused by where Arsenal left Kane and Son, who singled out Hector Beller’s position, with the right-hander catching more than two goals.

“Who is the most dangerous combination in European football right now? Kane and son,” Karagar said.

“There has to be a message in Beller’s head from the manager going into the game that when the ball is on the other side, I’m next to my center-back.

“Beller’s job for me is to get the ball, feed Willian, and support him from behind, which very rarely overlaps if not 100 percent. Do not leave that space there for them. But what do they do? They do the right thing.

“I can not believe how bad it was to play right in Jose’s hands from Arsenal. Didn’t they watch the Man City game? Didn’t they watch it? It just happened.”

Carra: Stick with Arteta, but expect more pain

Michael Arteta
Karkar believes Arsenal should give Arteta time

Arsenal’s poor start to the season has put Arsenal under pressure in the months leading up to Arsenal’s FA Cup victory.

“I can talk about how he is under pressure right now with the situation he is in now, but I’m not thinking about Michael Aretta’s situation,” he said. “I really like Michael Aretta.

“There’s a lot of nonsense around the club. I think some of the signatures on bringing in Willian are funny,” [David] Louis Inn, Cedric [Soares] Inside. Is Kia signing up for the Jurapsian Club?

“Michael Arteta picked it up [Thomas] Party and Gabriel [Magalhaes]. They look like two of Arsenal’s best players at the moment.

“I think they have had four managers and three CEOs since 2018. Stay with Arteta, but there will be a lot of pain for Arsenal.”

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