Significant changes due to EU animal health law

From April 21, there are new rules within the AHL (EU Animal Health Act) aimed at Brexit. What exactly has changed, and what does this mean for the equestrian sport?

Two major changes Expands the use of current Export health certificates (EHCs) to transport horses until August 2021 and to end the proposed 30-day isolation period prior to transporting horses from the UK to EU member states and Northern Ireland. In addition, British horses no longer have to be isolated for 30 days before being taken to an EU member state or Northern Ireland.

Current EHCs are valid until August 20, 2021, allowing the use of existing certificates until then. The new EHCs will be applicable to all horses from August 21, 2021, but the rule that the exact location of a horse must be registered in the EU will be postponed until January 2022.

Horses from the UK are registered with the FEI, Authorized Studbook or Authorized UK organization, and do not need to be isolated for more than 30 days prior to transport. They should be under the supervision of a veterinarian for 30 days. The European Commission is working on draft legislation for digital passports, another important project of the IHSC Working Group on Brexit and EU Animal Health Law.

Bron: FEI

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