Google Meet introduces new functionality for video calling

Google introduces a number of new design features for its Google Meet collaborative platform. The new functionality should make video conferencing better and also provide a better experience.

It should precisely Added function now Make video conferencing via Google Meet more “inclusive” and also dramatically increase the end-to-end experience for each user device. According to the tech giant, this should lead to more secure and reliable but also more interactive video meetings. Artificial intelligence is often used for new features. Consider, for example, creating live translations in five languages. We wrote about it recently Webex, Real this feature He also comes.

Best Screen Layout

The first feature now implemented in the tool is improved screen layout for viewing and sharing content. This makes it possible to give presentations more easily and interact with others. With a new environment, users can better see content shared by others and can “lock” or “disconnect” it. Users can enlarge or reduce different squares within the environment at their own discretion in order to better capture their attention. This way, they can focus on the content and hide the speaker and all other participants. Or, they can see multiple speakers at the same time. They can also, when talking by themselves, reduce their camera image, place it elsewhere on the screen, or hide it.

Less mobile data usage

In addition, Google Meet now ensures that the video meeting on every conceivable device has a better audio and video experience. Data Saver is now offered for mobile video calls. This tool limits mobile data usage, so that both the mobile user and the person called save on mobile data costs. This is especially useful for countries where mobile data is still very expensive, such as India, Indonesia, and Brazil.

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‘Bad light’ function

Google Meet now also gets a “bad lighting” job. This AI-enabled function was already available as “anti-backlight” for the mobile version, but now also for the web version. Google Meet automatically detects if the user has poor exposure and then improves the brightness to make it more visible.

Other functions are added

Moreover, there will be an AI-assisted Autozoom function. This helps participants see each other better by zooming in on each other and placing a speaker “in the middle of the camera”. This functionality will only be available in the paid version of Google Workspace.

Other added functions are another trio of “funny” video wallpapers for users to choose. Various functions will be rolling out within Google in the coming weeks and months.

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