Self-care and relaxation training for informal caregivers

Driemaster organizes self-care and relaxation training for informal caregivers in De Spreng, Kerkstraat 50 in Oude Wetering.

This free, three-session training focuses on how to take good care of yourself as a caregiver. When you structurally care for another person, it is important that you pay adequate attention and take good care of yourself. In practice, this is the main challenge and overload is latent.

Dates are May 17, May 31, and June 14 from 10 am to 11:30 am. The course leader is a non-formal care counselor and also yoga teacher Nidra Wendy Ndirind from De Driemaster. You can register via [email protected] or call De Driemaster 0172-427544.

In the three training sessions they deal with the topics: self-care, energy balance, setting boundaries, positive health, standing up for yourself and dealing with fears, including practical exercises. The course with other informal caregivers, you meet your struggling peers. You learn to think in terms of probabilities, how you can positively influence your health (the Positive Health Method) and how you can recharge yourself for persevering the “Little Happiness for Informal Caregivers” method. You will receive a copy of this method in book form for free.

You follow the course with other informal caregivers, and thus you are in contact with your struggling colleagues. Basically the organization will get you started, and you will experience for yourself what thinking looks like in terms of possibilities, how you can positively influence your health (from the Positive Health Method) and the ways in which you can recharge yourself to maintain care (from the Little Happiness Way to Informal Caregivers) .

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