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This year’s Eurovision Song Contest entrants in Liverpool seem to have won outside the competition. For example, you can find various songs in the European charts, including our Ultratop. An overview.

Eurovision winner Lorraine Stands with her Tattoo In one Ultra Top 50. By the way, she is no newcomer to the list. A month and a half before the Eurovision Song Contest, we already wrote that she entered the 19th place. He was already at the 7th position in the first week of April, but was pushed down to the 18th position in a week. Meanwhile, he reached the first position on the list on May 20. Ours is second below her Gustav with him by you. He was already on the list. He reached third place in January, so he has now moved up one place.

A little further down the list we find another great choice from the last Eurovision Song Contest. Khairija is with Cha cha cha Newly entered at 17th position. Norwegian Alessandra Comes with Queen of kings New on 21st. Further Rose Lynn (ESF 2022) is still on the list, already in week 43, seven weeks into one. He is currently ranked 38th. Maneskin Also listed as a Eurovision winner, though not with their entry for Rotterdam, but with The Lonelylist.

In Walloon edition On Ultratop, Lorraine is at No. 5, up 27 spots in a week. Gustaf makes a fresh entry below Meneskin, at age 34. Sixth on the list is Loïc Nottet (ESF 2015). Dancer. Significantly, Karija and Alessandra were nowhere to be found.

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Scandinavian countries

This year’s Finnish entry can also be seen in other European countries. In Germany 18th place for Cha cha cha, 13th in the Netherlands. In the Italian charts, the song is at number 85, Käärijä obviously scored better in the Scandinavian countries. In Sweden (Best New) and Home Country Finland It is the third place in Norway, along with the first place. That means Käärijä in Sweden above Lorraine is standing However, he is currently ranked 3rd in his home country. In Norwegian hit list Lorraine is second, one place ahead of the Finnish singer. Norway’s Alessandra is fifth. Noah Grell Entering at 30 from Israel.

In Sweden, Alessandra was already on the hit list. He dropped out for a while and re-entered in 7th place in what was a great comeback. Lorraine’s recent Eurovision win also confirms her 2012 song, pleasureRe-enters the list at number 55. White due By Marco Menconi One place less, Divorce stands with A heart of steel In 65. Austrian entry in 79, Gustaf in 82. It’s not over yet, too La Zara 84 in and Vesna In 86.

In addition to Käärijä, there is of course Loreen in Finland. He has improved by 17 places and is ranked 3rd. Alessandra re-enters at 4 p.m. Noah enters with Grell Unicorn New Arrivals 10 and Jokerout 12th in the list. Thea and Salena from Austria Around the top 20. With Lorraine Tattoo Also found in the charts are Germany (7), Netherlands (1), Italy (24), Switzerland (68) and Portugal (111).

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United Kingdom

Finally, we see it too United Kingdom, music par excellence. Lorin is second there. Cha cha cha Number 6 is the first Finnish-language song in the top ten. The British entry is Thane, along with May Muller I wrote a song, just above Norway’s Alessandra in 9th place. This is the first time in the history of charts Four Eurovision entries in the top 10 at the same time. Sam Ryder (ESF 2022) with his new song the mountainOn 35 he performed as an interval act in the final. Unicorn Coming in at 45th place, Who the Hell is Edgar? at 48. Poland Blanca with is here separate 56, Gustaf 63. Also Voyager Accompanied from Australia truth To find out, place 79. After a while we find out more Andrew Lambrew (92), La Zarra (94) and TVORCHI (95).

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