‘England to send warships to Black Sea in May’

The United Kingdom plans to send warships to the Black Sea next month amid growing tensions between Ukraine and Russia. The Sunday Times reports this based on evidence from the British Navy.

The newspaper reported that an anti-aircraft submarine with anti-aircraft missiles would sail from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. Also, the aircraft carrier with F-35B fighters and helicopters will be ready to go to the Black Sea if needed.

Tensions between Moscow and Kiev have escalated recently. Russia has strengthened its military presence on the border with Ukraine, and clashes between pro-Russian separatists and the Ukrainian military in eastern Ukraine have resulted in at least 26 deaths this year.


The Sunday Times writes that London wants to show solidarity with Ukraine and NATO allies by stopping naval vessels. A spokesman for the British Ministry of Defense told the newspaper that the British government was working closely with Kiev and that Russia was continuing to call for the withdrawal of its troops.

“The United Kingdom and our international allies are committed to our support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” a Defense Ministry spokesman said.

Earlier, two U.S. warships sailed to the Black Sea via Phosphorus, but President Biden reportedly avoided escalating. Russia’s military presence in the Black Sea this weekend included two warships and 15 small craft.

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