What does that flag strike on the prince’s coffin mean …

Prince Philip’s coffin was a multi-colored flag. But what do all these symbols actually mean? Simple, it symbolizes his life. From his Greek background to his military titles.

The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II’s husband was draped in his personal flag. As Prince Philip, the official title of the Reigning Queen’s husband, Prince Philip received his own coat of arms based on the royal flag used by Her Majesty and his personal military titles.

The flag is based on its Greek and Danish roots. The flag is divided into four parts. The first represents Denmark and consists of three blue lions and nine red hearts on a yellow field. The second represents Greece and consists of a white cross on a blue field. Prince Philip was originally Greek.

The third part is his family name Mountbatten and contains five vertical black and white stripes. Part IV, referring to his title as the Duke of Edinburgh, includes a black and red castle which is also part of the coat of arms of the city of Edinburgh.

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