5 signs you’re not getting enough healthy fats

It is important to distinguish between good and bad fats.

Bad fats are also called saturated fats, while healthy fats are unsaturated. In short, the difference between good and bad fats is whether the fats are naturally present in the product. If you think of potato chips, pizza, and french fries, you know that the fat has been added manually, and it probably isn’t very healthy for you. Unlike the fats found in, for example, fish, avocados and many oils. Unsaturated fats are already naturally present in this, which makes it even more healthy. If you are deficient in fats in your diet, it is especially important to eat more of these fats.

But how do you know you’re deficient in those good fats? The following five signals from your body could be a sign:

  1. 1 Vitamin deficiencies: The good fats help your body absorb vitamins such as vitamins A, D or E. Those who absorb too little of these vitamins in their body can suffer from annoying physical problems, which can go from bad to worse. Think broken locks, regular muscle aches, or an increased risk of depression.
  2. 2 Skin infections: fat is an essential part of skin cells. You don’t have enough fat? Then you will get bruises and cuts faster, but dermatitis also occurs faster in people who are deficient in fat.
  3. 3 Slow wound healing: With a lack of fat, cuts and bruises develop more quickly, in addition, the skin heals less quickly. So getting the right fats is twice as important as your skin.
  4. 4 Hair Loss: Your hair strands are not satisfied with the lack of unsaturated fats either. So people who eat less fat will experience significant hair loss, not only on the head but also, for example, on the eyelashes and eyebrows.
  5. 5 Get sick faster: Finally, your immune system is affected when you don’t have enough healthy fats in your diet. Results? More susceptible to influenza and other diseases.
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source | Healthline

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