5 tips for scary Halloween movies

Want to get a little creepy during Halloween? These five horror movies will make you want to sleep with the lights on.

It’s Halloween again! Traditionally, it was a public holiday celebrated mainly in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States and Canada, but today it has already spread to every corner of the world. But Halloween will be different this year, too. No “trick-or-treaters” (although this phenomenon is less imitated in our area) or costume parties. This year we have to scare our bubble.

However, you can make it a scary evening by turning off all the lights in your home and putting on some horror movies. If you are browsing the horror catalog on Netflix or other streaming platforms, you won’t know which movie to start with. However, a large part of these horror movies are pure junk, even though movies like Sharknado have just managed to build a massive cult. As a big fan of the horror genre and slasher, I present 5 of my personal favorites that guarantee a horror-filled evening:

Halloween (1978) – Amazon Prime Video

What’s the best movie to watch on Halloween night? The 1978 movie became a true classic horror movie and is considered a groundbreaking movie for the slasher genre. As iconic as the movie is the killer Michael Myers. Myers is the last person you want to meet in the dark. This bad luck has Laurie Stroud (Jimmy Lee Curtis), and the two embark on a fatal game of cat and mouse. Forty years later, Myers’ white mask and its hairless look still gives you nightmares, and director John Carpenter’s lead single chills.

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After the first movie, a lot of sequels and remakes followed, which can’t do the original movie justice. Halloween 2018 has been named the only “ real ” sequel that Carpenter and Curtis also returned to. Both films can be found on Amazon Prime Video, but unfortunately not available for the Dutch version. Fortunately, this can be circumvented with a VPN connection.

Alien (1979) – Amazon Prime Video

This 1979 classic might call itself the pioneer of the horror and science fiction genre. The movie directed by Ridley Scott may be 40 years old, scene with Chestbridge It will not make you feel comfortable. Additionally, the movie excels at building unbearable tension and is a biblical example of how jumping scares can be performed. In a crazy way, the movie seems more relevant today than ever before, as there are regular discussions about quarantine measures. But you mostly watch Alien to see Xenomorph killing the spaceship crew one by one (hopefully the cat survives!). You can also find this movie on Prime Video, luckily this time only on the Dutch version.

Nightmare on Alam Street (1984)

Another iconic classics from the ’80s, it’s a perfect time for the horror genre. Even the popularity of the Nightmare on Elm Street series exceeded that of Halloween. This has a lot to do with the weird concept that turned out to be the movie. Freddy Krueger does not attack his victims (teenage children of parents who have burned his life) in their home or in a deserted forest, but while they are asleep. And dreams with Freddy are not a hoax; Whoever was destroyed in the dream world will never wake up again. Kruger himself has also become a Hollywood symbol with his smoldering face, glove scissors, and comic stripes. Fun fact: Johnny Depp made his screen debut in A Nightmare on Elm Street.

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Unfortunately, the movie is hard to find, as none of the traditional streaming platforms offer it. Netflix has a 2010 remake (with Rooney Mara among others), but the new version rarely surpasses the original.

The Cabin in the Woods (2012) – Netflix

Many horror movies rely on cliches, while others consciously make fun of them. The cabin in the woods belongs to that second category. The movie’s plot is cliched as it gets. A group of unintelligent young men go to a vacation home in a remote woodland at the weekend to drink themselves, smoke some joints, and make love with each other in the bush. Until they discover that they are not alone in the woods. At first, it feels like a movie you’ve seen twenty times, but when you’re about to turn it off, The Cabin in the Woods takes a very unexpected turn. Of course we will not disclose that.

It Is (2017) – Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

One of the shortest titles. It is based on the exciting story of Stephen King, whose books have not been very successful in the movies. The first attempt came in 1990 in miniseries form, but she split from Tim Curry (Pennywise) after not having too much of a pot. Chapter 1 shows that Stephen King’s books can lead to successful screen adaptations. This has a lot to do with Swedish actor Bill Skarsgård’s amazing show of Pennywise The Clown, which is pretty terrifying. But the young actors also deserve a big compliment.

Last year, Part Two was released in theaters where the same main characters have to compete again as adults against Pennywise. Back with Skarsgard in the star role, although this movie was too stylized for me due to an abundance of CGI. The first chapter was on Netflix for so long, until it suddenly disappeared in January. You can try it over UK Netflix with a VPN server. Chapter 2 You should then search Amazon again. Film rights can be annoying at times.

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Happy Spoctopper!

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