Heineken cuts jobs and invests in the Internet

The Heineken brewery will evict 8,000 people next year. Additionally, the company invests in digital beer sales and technology.

It is known that the jobs to be abolished make up about 10 percent of the total number of jobs in Heineken Hit Parol. In the Netherlands, this relates to around 300 jobs. The process is called Evergreen and it should save about 2 billion euros in costs. After that, the plan should provide 350 million euros per year.

Beer online

This year, investment is also being made in the brewery, especially in digital beer sales, such as via Dutch Beerwulf. This sales channel has nearly doubled its sales volume last year, in the UK it tripled the sales volume. The number of orders tripled on all d2c platforms (Beerwulf, Six2Go, and Drinkies). This year, the brewery is also investing in a range of non-alcoholic and alternative beverages such as cider and hard carbonate.

Last year, Heineken incurred a loss of 204 million euros, with a decrease in turnover by nearly 17% to 23.8 billion euros. This was partly due to the fact that the brewer came to the aid of cafe bosses by canceling the rent in his own Dutch company and writing off pubs in Great Britain.

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