55 years after a plane crash in Mont Blanc: Mount Adel…

In 2013, a mountaineer brought a box of gems to the police station in Chamonix, France. He found it while climbing Mont Blanc. Now, eight years later, the honest seeker was told that he could keep a portion of the treasure.

The metal box found by the mountaineer in 2013 may have come from an Air India plane that crashed at roughly the same spot in Mont Blanc. It happened in 1950 and again in 1966. It wouldn’t be the first time this had happened leftover baggage or aircraft wreckage. The mountain chest was of a completely different kind: it contained gems and gems with a total value of 300,000 euros.

Although the Chamonix municipality said it had conducted a thorough investigation, the exact source of the gem could not be determined. It is also not possible to determine the rightful owner, who may have died in one of the two accidents.

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The mayor of Chamonix, Eric Fournier, told AFP that the investigation is closed and the valuable discoveries will be distributed to the municipality and the honest researcher. Fournier also praised the “integrity” of the climber, who preferred to remain anonymous, but is now 150 thousand euros richer.

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