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Respawn Entertainment has indicated that the first Titanfall game will not be on sale soon. The game will also not be available on various subscription services such as EA Play and Xbox Game Pass from March 1, 2022. This was reported by Respawn in Twitter page.

Respawn notes that the first Titanfall won’t be on sale from early next year. According to them, the game will be removed from various subscription services on March 1, 2022. Think Xbox Game Pass and EA Play. Although the game will not be supported by the studio, the servers will still be there. Respawn says they’re doing this for an existing Titanfall fan base that wants to keep playing for another round. This also applies to the first Titanfall game and not its successor.

Respawn also said Titanfall is still part of the studio’s DNA. It’s been almost 7 years since the game came out and it’s still motivating them to innovate in all of its games. Surely Titanfall Big part From the DNA of Respawn Entertainment. The series is very popular, especially with the release of Titanfall 2, which many believe improved all aspects of the first game. Titanfall also plays a big role in Apex Legends. It’s obvious in the gameplay, but especially in the Bangalore character. According to tradition, it is part of the IMC, which can be found in the Titanfall 2 campaign.

The Titanfall universe will continue to exist and expand according to Respawn. Whether this means we will soon get Titanfall 3 is uncertain. Been there recently so mysterious is over. Respawn Entertainment keeps busy with Apex Legends and most likely sequel From Jedi Fallen Order. So we have to wait until we find out more about the Titanfall universe.

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