The first images of the new ‘slim’ PS5 with removable drive have leaked

It appears that images have been leaked of a new PS5 model that has been rumored for some time. Some call it the PS5 “Slim,” but that’s not really the correct term because the new model isn’t meant to be any smaller.

The goal is to simplify PS5 production with the new model. Instead of two different models, one with a disc drive and one without a disc drive, Sony will switch to one with a removable disc drive. So this drive is produced separately and can then either be bundled or sold separately, but the PS5 production process is definitely a bit easier and cheaper too. You can also see the removable drive in the video below. There seems to be a clear dividing line.

Leaked images indicate that the official announcement and release will not be long in coming. Sony also recently offered a deep discount on existing PS5 models, indicating that it wants to get rid of existing inventory in the run-up to the new model’s arrival. Also, some retail chains, such as Amazon, have recently started renaming PS5 consoles in their database, again indicating that something new is on the way.

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