# 65 – Breach of Brexit treaties: Westminster seeks repeal of Northern Ireland protocol

Things are more in Northern Ireland. Westminster wants to tighten the noose after Sinn Fin’s victory in the Northern Ireland elections. There will be no Northern Ireland Cabinet until the Northern Ireland Protocol is repealed. This agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom simply cannot be broken, but what will happen if Westminster does it?

What else is in the Brexit agreements? What can Europe do to stop this? What does all this mean for Northern Ireland? We discuss that and more Justin AugustineAssociate Professor of Irish and British History at the University of Leiden; Hendrik VosProfessor of Political Science at the University of Kent and Jeroen LinersMEP on behalf of CDA in the EPP Group.

Sixty-fifth chapter of PNR Europa

Piras and De Vries are closely monitoring Brussels, the European Union, the Schengen, the eurozone and the edges of our continent.

In addition, there is a weekly focus on ‘music’ from our continent. We go to this episode … Poland! You can download the full EuroTrash playlist Here Listen to our Spotify list

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