Many flights canceled in Italy due to staff strike –

MILAN (AP) – A strike by pilots and cabin crew of budget airlines Volodia, EasyJet and Ryanair in Italy canceled hundreds of flights on Wednesday. This was reported by the Italian and British media. Dozens of flights from the United Kingdom will definitely be canceled and the number of cancellations in Milan will be at least 230.

Flight attendants have individual grievances with each airline. But the common denominator is that they struggle for higher pay and better arrangements, for example, applying for leave.

The unions had earlier called on workers to stop working for a few hours on Wednesday. Anyway, the action will last from noon to afternoon.

Air traffic control

EasyJet had already warned about this on its website. Departures to or from Italy are advised to closely monitor their current flight information.

Action will also be taken to control air traffic. And many airlines have canceled flights. But air traffic control will not be completely closed and some flights will be guided by air as usual.

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