Gavin Strachsen reveals Celtic rationale behind Christopher Julian joining Dubai team because he is ‘the only regret’

Gavin Strachan, boss of the stand, Celtic regrets their poor trip to Dubai Christopher Julian Likes Govt.

Hoops dropped more points Hips The team was devastated by the positive test results when they returned to Scotland on Monday night.

The injured Frenchman picked up the virus, but 13 players and three coaches – including the boss Neil Lennon – All have been ordered to be isolated after being flagged off by the NHS contract tracking.

Big hitters Otson Edward, Scott Brown and Ryan Christie are among the missing. Celtic Kevin Nisbet was caught in the stoppage when David Turnbull’s late free kick was canceled.

Hoops has a 21-point lead with title hopes rangers – and the Govt confusion has sparked outrage among supporters.

Strachan stressed that the trip to Dubai was paramount – and that the injured Julian traveled because he had to continue his treatment.

He said: “We are sorry that one person caught the virus, but we have no regrets in terms of the permission we went in and the protocols we followed, we have done it all season.

“It’s unfortunate we got a positive, which we could have gotten at any time.

“It’s been a journey over the last few years and it has yielded very positive results, so the thinking behind it is to maintain it and try to inspire and push in the second half of the season.

“From me as a coach, the work we did there was absolutely fantastic.

“We had more time to work on some elements of our game due to good weather.

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“The only regret is that someone came back with a positive test.”

Julian faces four months, but is still traveling, but Strachan said: “It was to maintain his treatment with the backroom staff. He went there, so we can get him back as soon as we can.”

Rational does not wash away with the parkhead punters who saw their 10’s aero dream.

Entering the hot seat 11 years after Dad’s Garden left, Strachn said: “I can understand the frustration from everyone because we end up playing with a weaker team, but it could have happened if we had trained at home.

“There are a lot of teams up and down the country, and in England, they suffer from this.

“We have so many coaches here and everything we planned to do has already been accomplished, so we came up with our same protocols.

“The situation changed when we moved away in terms of the new variant, so I think things got worse.”

Strachan confirmed that Shane Duffy had returned after recording a second negative test – admitting that he had turned his head after a tumultuous arrival from the Middle East.

He said: “For me it was a hurricane – but you have to do your product and everyone in the club is very supportive.

“We all fell down and were trying to get three points. It’s frustrating that we couldn’t do it.

“It’s a tough thing. The players put a lot in the game. For a moment I thought we would win it by magic, but admitting it was a disgusting time and the kind of goal it was hard to take.

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“When you were a factor in the disruption that has befallen us for the past two days, I thought the performance was very good.

“It simply came to our notice then. There were a lot of efforts and good quality moments you could expect. ”

Strahan threw the young men away, but revealed that Alexander Okoflex was stuck with the earrings when he came out of the bench, a speech by Neil Lennon who was actually going home.

He said: “He forgot to take it out! But yes, for his full debut as a young player, listening to the manager’s voice in his ear is a nice touch.

“Neil said we’re too involved in the game. He thought we’re going to trigger it, and then we couldn’t see the game out, which was so frustrating.”

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