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“Burn Them Bridges” is a lively, British club tune that invites you to dance. That’s the first impression you get when you listen to Skin On Skin’s latest track. However, you wonder when you learn that Skin On Skin is actually a full-blooded Australian, because who raps with such a greasy British accent on a track? No one knows. As Skin on Skin has been popular in the United Kingdom for years, we know that choosing a British artist was no coincidence. A mix of techno and classic house, the track will no doubt go down well with our British neighbours.

“Burn Dem Bridges” starts off so strong, the beat immediately pulls you in, and if you close your eyes for a moment, you’ll feel like you’re dancing to a full disco at two in the morning. And despite the bpm’s blaze through the speakers, the song is very patiently constructed. The drop is subtle and takes a while, but definitely worth the wait. The British accent makes the dry beat nice and juicy, a sometimes unintelligible accent that you only know at the end of a song where the same eight bars are repeated over and over again.

Skin On Skin steps out of its comfort zone with this song. The beat is more than we’re used to from him and the rap takes an unusual place in the foreground. But he can be happy with the result, because it is the result of a successful experiment. Skin On Skin has been looking for the big door in the club world for some time now, and he already has his foot firmly in the door on this track. Skin On Skin is currently touring New Zealand. No doubt there will be dance floors shaking when “Burn Dem Bridges” is played! For shows in Belgium or Dutch soil, we’ll have to wait a little longer, but in the meantime we can get busy with this new song.

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