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The future of Erasmus University transfer project post hangs in balance with Brexit small sign, which is safe following a look Michael Cove In front Proxy Team selection.

The UK has the option to pay for both Erasmus and the primary Horizon Europe project post Brexit, but Cabinet Office Minister Cove pointed out that they are not equally valuable to the country. He told MPs:

Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. We are considering which EU plans we should be a part of in the future. When we look at both Erasmus and Horizon, there are different judgments about their value to the UK, but we see those around us as part of the debate.

EU sources say Britain does not want to become a co-Erasmus participant because it would mark a seven-year commitment to the EU’s budget cycle.



Covey says the chances of a UK-EU trade deal are now ‘less than 50%’

Michael Cove, Cabinet Office Minister, has a chance Proxy The trade agreement agreed by the European Union on Sunday night is less than 50%.

This is significantly less than tHe got a 66% chance on a potential deal two months ago And dampens the hope of an improvement over the next day or two.

He told MPs on the Brexit select committee this afternoon:

Sadly I think, we will not defend a contract, so less than 50% this time.

He also suggested that if the current negotiations on a final agreement at the end of the interim failed, the UK and the EU could resume talks early next year. In that situation, he told the committee:

There will be contact between the UK and European countries … as we expect, but what we will not do is try to negotiate a new agreement.

In the absence of any agreement, the EU has not put forward any contract contingency plans to allow aircraft to fly and lorries to move goods across the border. EU sources said it would allow for a temporary situation, which could take up to several weeks, between the end of the transition and an agreement agreed or effective.




Sunak Furlow is extending the plan until the end of April amid speculation that it could last several months




The government is there to provide EU holiday health care benefits to individuals in need of routine hospital treatment such as dialysis and chemotherapy in their absence. Proxy Agreement to replace the current European Health Insurance Scheme (EHIC).

In Written ministerial statement, Edward Archer, A health minister said:

This government will introduce this program with the intention that it will be used by people who need treatment abroad such as routine dialysis, oxygen therapy or some form of chemotherapy. The government recognizes that these recurring, routine treatment costs can be costly, and for many, traveling abroad can be very challenging.

This means British citizens who need life-long treatment, equipment and medicines can now make travel plans for next year at no extra cost.

Arrangements will run for 12 months from January 1, 2021.

If there is no alternative to the EHIC system, travel insurance for those with pre-existing conditions is expected to rocket next year to prohibited prices.

Fiona Loud, policy director for the charity Kidney Care UK, Said the announcement could now help up to 30,000 people on dialysis in the UK.

He said the trip was “greatly worthwhile” for kidney patients and their families. “Having a break means the world to them; now that the vaccination program has been launched it is something to look forward to. We welcome this initiative for patients and the commitment it provides, but arrangements need to be made so people do not have to pay in advance,” he said.



Stormer says the layering system is not good enough to work



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