65,000 votes over the age of 70 were not counted in the Dutch elections due to errors in the postal vote

However, the most common mistake is that people do not send their summons with them. NOS report. Then some people put it in a sealed envelope, which should actually only be placed on the ballot. Since the closed envelope can only be opened during the count, it is not found in the so-called front opening. In addition, some people forgot to put the closed envelopes inside the envelope that addressed the most important document with their ballot.

All of these votes were not counted at the end. However, they did not make it to the 0.29 percent wrong vote announced after the election. These false postal votes were actually set aside before the count began. This is 6 per cent of the registered votes.

None of the more than 1 million postal votes were missed. They were counted. The unaccounted 65,000 votes seem to be part of it, but it is not a small number. In the Dutch electoral system, that number is good for 1 seat.

The Interior Ministry is behind the choice to offer the opportunity to vote by mail to everyone over the age of 70. “Of course, every vote counted is the same, but we are satisfied with how it all went,” a NOS ministry spokesman said. In countries such as Austria and the United Kingdom, where people can also vote by mail, the percentage of uncounted votes was the same, the ministry argues.

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