You shouldn’t miss these movies on TV next week (12-18 March)

United Kingdom ★★★ ½ ☆
One, Saturday, March 13, 21.20

Real drama melodrama happen from As for Asante (See also “Belle”), more Seretse Khama (David Oyelowo), Botswana’s first president. While studying in England in the 1940’s, he walked Ruth Williams (Rosamund PikeTheir interracial relationship sparked diplomatic row after another. Asante gives this story a very classic structure, in which political intrigues are less important than the love story. The criticism that everything remains a bit obedient, and that the rare time a black woman gets a chance to tell this kind of story is understandable, but the relationship between the main characters really moves. A lot of it thanks to Oyelowo and Pike, who both shine chemistry to have. Not revolutionary, but well made, beautifully shot and beautifully represented.

Jason Bourne ★★★ ½ ☆
VTM 2, Fri March 12, 20.40

Action Matt Damon He returns to a fourth adventure called The Lost Spy, where he discovered that the United States government is planning to spy on all of its citizens through their smartphones. Very positional, but better to watch action scenes, and are real adrenaline shots as usual.

★★★★ “Shadowlands”
Canva, Friday, March 12, 21.20

Drama is probably the best movie out there Richard Attenborough As ever, with Anthony Hopkins As a writer CS Lewis, Who fell in love with the posh American late in his life Joy Gresham (Debra Winger). A mature emotional romantic drama consisting of subtle and moving emotional moments.

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Atomic blond ★★★ ☆☆
VTM 3, Saturday March 13, 20.25

ACTION Grungy, a neon colored action movie with almost unbreakable plot, but loads of great ambiance and action scenes – the best ten-minute movie that looks like it was completely shot in one take Charlize Theron He plays one Solid, sturdy An MI6 agent goes undercover in Berlin before the wall falls.

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“Cairo 678” ★★★ ½ ☆
Canvas, Sat, 13 March, 22.05.2020

Drama Fayza (singer HumanShe is an ordinary Egyptian woman who, day after day, has to deal with the unwanted sexual adventures of her husband and men at work, and even on the bus. Until you respond violently. Not all plot lines are created equal, but this can be considered a compelling environmental graphic.

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★★★ ☆☆ “Queen of Katwe”
VTM, Saturday March 13, 0.05

BIOPIC Feelgood-biopic over Fiona Mutese (Madina Nalwanga), A 10-year-old girl from a slum in Uganda who turns out to be a true chess prodigy. Although it doesn’t have a lot of critiques, the movie – by Disney – is definitely well made, with pace and honesty.

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BBC 2, Saturday, March 13, 0.20

MUSIC is one of the most exciting movies of recent years. A lively and frantic drama about the relationship between a young drummer (Miles Teller(And his sadistic mentor)JK SimonsWho won an Oscar). A movie about the destructive power of ambition that makes you nervous – in a good way.

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★★★★★ “Singing In The Rain”
BBC 2, Sunday 14 March 15.35

Eternal Classical Music MUSICAL where some stars of the silent movie have to switch to talking only then singing. The famous songs are endless: apart from the legendary title song, there are irresistible songs like Good Mornin and Make ’em Laugh.

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★★★★ ½ “Revivy Among Men”
Art, Monday, March 15, 20.55

Classic crime Jules Dassin (An American who had to flee to France after being blacklisted as a communist). Four men plan to steal the perfect jewelery – a heist that takes more than half an hour, without a single line of dialogue, but is very exciting. Pure cinema.

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Photo © Indus Film – Prima Film

“LIFE OF PI” ★★★ ½ ☆
VTM 4, Tuesday 16 March 20:40

A drama film adaptation of a best-selling book Yann Martel, Which represents four Oscars. B, a young Indian man, is stuck in a lifeboat with a tiger, zebra and monkey after a shipping disaster. Modern proverb with cool special effects. You can’t be bothered to bite the shaft in the end.

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VTM 4, Thursday March 18, 20.40

ACTION X-Men must confront Apocalypse, the first and strongest mutant ever, who wants to destroy humanity and then take over itself. Fun movie more than impressive enough Fixed cut It must be submitted to conceal the lack of depth.

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