“Nintendo Switch 2 has magnetic Joy-Con controllers”

Spanish website Vandal, which previously released correct information about the Nintendo Switch OLED before the console was officially unveiled, has shared some new details about the Nintendo Switch 2. It cites sources from accessory manufacturers, who have often already received information earlier about the new devices. From console builders.

For example, the Nintendo Switch 2 will once again reportedly feature Joy-Con controllers, but this time they will magnetically attach to the console. So the sometimes cumbersome rail system of the current Nintendo Switch has been deleted.

It is also reported that the new magnetic Joy-Con controllers will be larger than the current version. The same goes for the Nintendo Switch 2 itself. It will therefore be larger than current Switch models, but still smaller than the Steam Deck. This ties in with previous reports that the Nintendo Switch 2 will have an 8-inch screen.

Finally, it has also been said that the Nintendo Switch 2 will support existing Switch Pro controllers. It is unknown if existing Joy-Con controllers are still supported.

As it stands now, we can expect the Nintendo Switch 2 to be released sometime in the first half of 2025. The official reveal probably won't take much longer.

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